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The Fabulist Award 2018 Winners Out Now

Winners of the Short Story contest are
  • 1. Sabresh Iyer
  • 2. Devanshi Anandpara
  • 3. Rohan Manro
  • 4. Ayush Lonakadi
  • 5. Sapna Salian
Winners of the fable writing contest are
  • 1. Navyya Sheth
  • 2. Aarav Mehta
  • 3. Dhriti Tanna
  • 4. Reya Shah
  • 5. Aashvi Sanghvi

Invoke inspire works closely with parents and schools to provide a one of its kind platform for launching student’s original creations/innovations/products thereby helping students create an entry point for their ventures. With this end in sight, Invoke inspire invites all students across boards from grades 6 to 10 to participate in the all Mumbai hunt for THE FABULIST! All the kids have to do, is take pen to paper and bring forth an original fable/short story and they stand to win a grand prize as well as a certificate AND an opportunity to become a PUBLISHED WRITER! Last date for submissions is 20th December 2018. Results will be declared by February 2019.

There are two categories in which students can submit their work:

  • a) Students of grades 6 to 7 can write a Fable (400-600 words)
  • b) Students of grades 8 to 10 can write a Short Story (800 – 1000 words) Important Points:

• To participate, students may upload their original, unpublished, fictional Fable/Short story, in English on www.invokeinspire.com or email to info@invokeinspire.com .

A total of 5 winners will be selected from each category of the entries received in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned on the website and based on the following criteria:

  • 1. Each fable must contain the following elements - a moral, an outdoor setting, use of animals to depict problems faced by humans (personification)
  • 2. The short story must have - a point of view, depth of character, setting, plot, conflict, climax.
  • 3. Originality, relevance, writing skill and strength of character depiction must be given due weightage.
  • 4. A ceremony and a book reading event may be organized towards the end of February 2019 depending on the availability of the judges and chief guest. Travel expenses for the same will not be borne by the organizers.

Click Here For Terms and Conditions

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