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About us

From The Founder’s Desk!

A Letter to the Future Entrepreneurs

I have always been aware of the capability of each individual child and when I look at the world, I see its infinite possibilities. I also see that the only way forward is through innovation. But India ranks 57th on the Global Innovation Index in 2017. We have a long journey and so much to prove. So go on. Create, innovate!

When Darwin concluded that the fittest survive, he also meant the mentally agile and adaptive. The creative. The innovative.

Look at the story of the thirsty crow. The crow survives as he comes up with an innovative solution. That's the job of the future entrepreneur now; innovative solutions for coming of age problems. So go on. Create, innovate!

But innovate, don't blindly emulate. You, my dear future entrepreneurs have to open the doors and go make a road where none exists. So charge on, don't wait. But look back once in a while. Learn from your own and others mistakes. Look back at history. It holds the clues to your future. And always, always, aim to be future ready. Create the future. And innovate to create.


To be the pioneer in providing a launch platform for the original creation of students.

To magnify and enhance the innovative/creative quotient in students.


To provide a secure and progressive environment where students challenge themselves and take on a tradition based community to be leaders of a coming of age society where innovation and creation is the norm and ordinary is extinct!

Our Values

We can do anything. If we can dream it, we can do it! Believe in yourself fully and completely.

Positivity is an attitude. It needs to be developed and is dearly cherished.

Identifying your purpose in life is the most important goal for every human being. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the other species on earth.

The earth belongs to all of us. It’s problems are our problems. We must use our creativity and innovativeness to solve the problems humanity faces across the globe.

You may blaze a new path, but it will be a more beautiful experience if you take others along.

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated teachers, life coaches, entrepreneurs who wish to see students transform and be the innovator and creators that they were born to be. We have deep rooted beliefs that each child must be given the opportunity to reach their true potential.

how We work?

Register with us

Call us or request a call back. We can schedule a meeting with the student and parents, explain the process and identify the talent that is to be launched. Registration is cost and hassle free and gives you the chance to feature your talent on our website and all our digital platforms.

Gain Mentoring

From ideation to launch and beyond. Mentors at Invoke inspire don’t just suggest changes, they empower students by providing training in the various processes involved in the successful launch of a creation. Students turn into well rounded entrepreneurs as they explore all the facets of converting and idea into a viable product.

Launch Services

Be it the launch of a book, an innovation , a product or an invention, Invoke inspire will provide the personal guidance needed to launch the creation successfully into a viable market. The student will be an integral part of all the aspects and will gain deep insights into the processes involved .

Market Reach

Once a product is ready, it is launched into viable markets with great fanfare . We ensure that sound marketing strategies help the students reach a vast market and create a brand and a name for themselves. Rigorous preparation ensures that the student develop the mindset needed for becoming an entrepreneur.

It always seems impossible until its done.’ –Nelson Mandela

Let’s come together and make the impossible, possible!