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Workshop conducted on Writing a Mystery by Katie Bagli at Tea Villa Cafe, Bandra

On 4th Nov 2018, Invoke inspire presented a one of it's kind, never done before, Mystery Writing Workshop with Children's Author Ms Katie Bagli. 


The next gen writers aged 10 to 16, were eager to learn and we were so delighted to see such talent.


Ms. Katie brought her years of experience to the table and children brought their fresh outlook and together they created what can only be called a dynamic session where even the onlookers had fun.



After some warm up exercises where kids got to know each other a bit, kids created spooky introductions about their partners, followed by some time spent on learning to create mysterious characters. Kids learned that eyes were the most important aspect while describing a character and specially a spooky or mysterious one. They discovered that the reason why this was so was because eyes could peer into one’s soul and could also convey the deepest, darkest of thoughts!


They then discussed the settings required for a MYSTERY and how to throw readers off the scent through cleverly plotted red herrings. They concluded that if a writer wants to throw the readers in the wrong direction, they must work backwards on their story and throw suspicion on all major characters in the story.



The kids devoured each snippet of information and it was an amazing experience for us when we saw that kids wanted more and more time to plot their own stories


Then the intellectually stimulated amateur writers dug into pizzas and burgers and flew off to hopefully create mysterious stories of their own and perhaps we will be lucky to read some of their stories published very soon!


Invoke inspire promises to keep bringing some really inspiring workshops on a wide range of subjects to invoke the talent of young artists who we know will carry the burden of creating a beautiful world with panache and sincerity. 


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