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Workshop conducted on how to write a Fable at Lodha World School

On 23rd October 2018, Team Invoke inspire conducted a thrilling workshop with grades 6 & 7 at Lodha World School.  We received a very warm welcome form Ms. Shruti Parasnis, a considerate and accomplished English teacher and the very dynamic Principal, Mrs. Asha Narayanan.

We began the session with a warm up joke and the students immediately connected. They happily dived into distinguishing the hallmarks of a Fable in comparison to a Fairy Tale with the help of a small exercise presented as a questionnaire.

They came up with the following Elements of a Fable after a guided group activity;

pastedGraphic.png     pastedGraphic_1.png

The session was super exciting for us as the students were very quick at grasping, extremely responsive and very well mannered. 

The students then actively discussed what would be their first steps while writing a Fable and how deciding the moral for their story would be their first step. They were then handed over a worksheet with 9 question that will help create the outline of the fable. Based on the answers to those questions, we hope that the students will be able to conjure a fable.

It felt great especially as while leaving class, one or two students approached us to let us know that it was a fun class. What more could a teacher ask?

We look forward to continue inspiring students to become great writers!


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