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The Fabulist Award 2018 Winners Out Now

Hearty congratulations to the winners!

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Stimuli Workshops

Hands on Workshops are conducted in creative settings to provide the stimulus needed to make children future ready!

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Actualizing Student Potential Through Market Launches

Mentoring and Launching of original innovations / stories / products created by students

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School Consultations

Consultations are provided to schools for creating within existing curriculums scope for activities that aid in making students innovators and creators!

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Our events create a challenging platform to test students and bring out the best in them.

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how We work?

Register with us

Call us or request a call back. We can schedule a meeting with the student and parents, explain the process and identify the talent that is to be launched. Registration is cost and hassle free and gives you the chance to feature your talent on our website and all our digital platforms.

Gain Mentoring

From ideation to launch and beyond. Mentors at Invoke inspire don’t just suggest changes, they empower students by providing training in the various processes involved in the successful launch of a creation. Students turn into well rounded entrepreneurs as they explore all the facets of converting and idea into a viable product.

Launch Services

Be it the launch of a book, an innovation , a product or an invention, Invoke inspire will provide the personal guidance needed to launch the creation successfully into a viable market. The student will be an integral part of all the aspects and will gain deep insights into the processes involved .

Market Reach

Once a product is ready, it is launched into viable markets with great fanfare . We ensure that sound marketing strategies help the students reach a vast market and create a brand and a name for themselves. Rigorous preparation ensures that the student develop the mindset needed for becoming an entrepreneur.

Why should you Invoke & Inspire?

Each of us has the seed of some great talent within us, all we need to do is reach within, ignite it, invoke it! As we work to reach within, we realize that all of us are part of the energy in the world and we must share of our talents to receive what others have to offer.

Nourish your soul. Discover the purpose of your existence and inspire your being to be the best version of itself. The well known American existential psychologist, Rollo May says, ‘If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.’ Stay true to your inspired self!

Make being extraordinary the norm and ordinary the rare phenomena! Everyday, stay new and amazing. Express your ingenuity so often that being ordinary begins to look insane. And let us guide you, let us have the honour of steering the path for you, to stay extraordinary everyday.

Add to your portfolio. The time to act is now. Use the opportunities available to create such a fantastic portfolio that no university, no company can deny you your rightful place. Claim your destiny today! Take charge and blaze the path for others to follow.

Critical thinking, analyzing and problem solving are the skills that need focused development if the future generations need to have the power in their hands. The power to create a world worth living in and sharing with all the species. Be the problem solver, the critical thinker that innovates, the analyst that creates and shine on!


Our upcoming event is Global Youth Conference 2019.

The registration has started click here to confirm your participation!

The Pilot Project

Invoke Inspire launches the book 'The Other Side of Sunshine' by teenage poet Ms. Nakshatra Dharap.



Some of our students quote aobut ther learning time and success.

“ I loved it. I liked to hear other stories and make up my own mystery story. It was really cool.”

Ananya Xavier - Student, Participant

“ It was very interesting and I got to learn a lot !”

Esha Dholakia - Student, Participant

“ It an amazing workshop. It taught us a few facts and also how to written a good story. It really was very good.”

Kush Hariani - Student, Participant

“ It was very good and amazing experience , I gained millions knowledge and I will be interested in new stories.”

Jeet R. Rathod - Student, Participant

“ It was very interesting. we made up out own stories and I was quite impressed by the other children stories. I will definitely come for more workshop”

Ahi Shetty - Student, Participant

“ I liked it very much. It was very good.”

Retin Surath - Student, Participant

“ It was interactive and interesting session. well done! keep it Up. God bless You!”

Mrunal Surve - Student, Participant

“ It was wonderful presentation. It helped me recollect my early childhood memories and I have become inspired by this presentation.”

Nirav Jain - Student, Participant

“ It was wonderful experience. It truly inspired me to write story.”

Apram Kaur -Student, Participant

“ It was great experience and a wonderful presentation. I loved the presentation.”

Pranavi Moghe -Student, Participant

It always seems impossible until its done.’ –Nelson Mandela

Let’s come together and make the impossible, possible!